Greenlight Networks Expansion Plans

Greenlight Networks is currently serving a number of municipalities in Monroe county, including portions of Brighton, East Rochester, Fairport, Henrietta, Irondequoit, Penfield, Pittsford,  Rochester, Webster, and West Henrietta. We continue to expand daily based on customer demand.  Final engineering and construction will be scheduled based on when Greenlight Districts meet their order goal.

New Greenlight District Expansion Greenlight Districts
Greenlight District Status % of Goal Greenlight District Status % of Goal
Webster Parklane (Phase I) Construction in Progress 100% Brighton Clover Hills Easements Required 100%
Webster Raphael (Phase I) Construction in Progress 100% Brighton Home Acres Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Pemberton Construction Pending 100% Brighton Valley Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Winfield Construction Pending 100% Brighton Virginia Colony Easements Required 100%
Brighton Monroe Meadows Easements Required 100% Brighton Willowbend Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Maplehurst Easements Required 100% Fairport Deland Park Easements Required 100%
Rochester Arnold Park Easements Required 100% Irondequoit Armstrong Easements Required 100%
Rochester Pearl/Meigs Easements Required 100% Irondequoit Hartland Easements Required 100%
Pittsford Rosewood Final Engineering 100% Irondequoit Lakeview Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Salem Final Engineering 100% Irondequoit Thorncliffe Easements Required 100%
Brighton Chalet Final Engineering 100% Irondequoit Wyndale Easements Required 100%
Brighton Cobbs Hill Easements Required 100% Pittsford Courtenay Easements Required 100%
Rochester Woodland Park Easements Required 100% Pittsford Reitz Easements Required 100%
Rochester Beckwith Final Engineering 100% Rochester Blossom Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Maywood Accepting Orders 98% Rochester Colebourne Easements Required 100%
Rochester Queens Accepting Orders 96% Rochester Culver-Winton-Main Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Navarre Final Engineering 95% Rochester East Ave Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Oakgrove Accepting Orders 93% Rochester Helendale Easements Required 100%
Brighton Fairhill Accepting Orders 92% Rochester Lower Highland Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Kindlewood Accepting Orders 90% Rochester Marsden Easements Required 100%
Brighton Roselawn Accepting Orders 88% Rochester Park Ave (Dartmouth) Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Avondale Accepting Orders 85% Rochester Park Ave (Harper) Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Nowadoga Accepting Orders 80% Rochester Upper Highland Easements Required 100%
Rochester Brentwood Accepting Orders 80% Rochester Upper Monroe Easements Required 100%
Rochester Castlebar Accepting Orders 72% Rochester Woodrow Easements Required 100%
Pittsford Overbrook Accepting Orders 71% Rochester Woodstock Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Birchwood Accepting Orders 68% Webster Parklane Easements Required 100%
Webster Weaver Accepting Orders 63% Webster Raphael Easements Required 100%
Irondequoit Summerville Accepting Orders 60% Fairport Frank Easements Required 98%
Irondequoit Walzer Accepting Orders 58% Fairport Red Maple Easements Required 98%
Pittsford Pinecone Accepting Orders 56% Rochester New Castle Easements Required 97%
Irondequoit Breezeway Accepting Orders 48% Brighton Linwood Easements Required 96%
Pittsford Landsdowne Accepting Orders 44% Rochester Belgard Easements Required 94%
Irondequoit Gold Coast Accepting Orders 40% Rochester Grand Accepting Orders 93%
Brighton Sylvania Accepting Orders 36% Rochester Spencer Easements Required 91%
Rochester Woodbury Place Accepting Orders 5% Webster London Easements Required 89%
Irondequoit Point Pleasant Accepting Orders 0% Pittsford Oak Manor Easements Required 87%
Fairport Heatherstone Accepting Orders 0% Rochester Merwin Easements Required 86%
Rochester Maxson Easements Required 84%
Irondequoit Russell Easements Required 46%

Here are the current standings*:

The tables above show the construction status and order progress of Greenlight Districts. Here’s what each status level represents:

Accepting Orders – Areas that have shown enough interest, via our Check Availability page, for us to do initial design and engineering so we can establish an order goal for that Greenlight District. Once a Greenlight District gets to 100% of its Order Goal, we move it to the next phase.
Final Engineering – Our Fiber Engineers are finalizing the path through the neighborhood and acquiring the needed permits to begin construction.
Easements Required – In many cases where underground construction is required, we need to get permission in the form of an easement to cross a property to access utility poles. Without an easement, there may be some blocks in a Greenlight District that we cannot complete during our construction phase. This is the primary reason we need to create multiple phases and expansion Greenlight Districts. If you live in a Greenlight District where an easement is required and you can assist us, please email us at
Construction Pending – Engineering is complete and we are scheduling our team to begin construction. This is usually the last chance to place your order and insure that you are included in our initial construction phase.
Construction in Progress – Our construction team is active in the Greenlight District. You may still place an order for service, but installation may be delayed.
Construction Complete – Our construction team has completed their work in the Greenlight District. You may still place an order for service, but installation may be delayed.

Not sure which Greenlight District you live in? Use our Check Availability page to find out now!

*As of May 18, 2018 at 12:50 pm

We are designing new Greenlight Districts weekly based on where we see customer demand, so check back often!