How do I get Greenlight?

“How can I get fiber in my neighborhood?” That’s a question we get several times a day. We borrowed Google Fiber’s playbook to help us deploy fiber-optic networks as efficiently as possible so we can provide a great deal of bandwidth at a very reasonable price. Customer orders is the primary driver of our construction schedule.

Once we see a significant number of sign-ups in an area, we engineer it to determine construction costs. The more the network costs us to build, the more customers we need to sign-up for service in that neighborhood, and vice versa.

We also deploy our construction resources to neighborhoods as efficiently as possible, so they can build the network and connect our customers over a short period of time. Since we don’t have a great deal of travel time everyday, we can connect more homes each day. Once we’ve finished one neighborhood, we move on to the next area. This saves us money, and we pass that savings along to our customers.

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