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Greenlight is Coming to Gates

Greenlight Networks is going to start construction in Gates this Spring. The district that reaches 100% of its order goal first will be the first in Gates to have our fiber-optic network built in their neighborhood. Place your order today to make Gates Shadywood first to be connected with ultra-high speed, fiber-optic Internet service from Greenlight!

Gates Shadywood Order Goal Status

Greenlight Networks wants to build our fiber-optic network in your Gates Matilda neighborhood! We just need to see more interest from you and your neighbors by placing orders on our website. Click the button below to order and get Greenlight to your neighborhood!

Choose from our 4 different plans to get the speeds you need.


Amazingly Fast!

$50 for 500 Mbps


Buckle Up!

$75 for 750 Mbps


The Big Gig!

$100 for 1,000 Mbps



$200 for 2,000 Mbps

1.Enter Address 2. Place order 3. Select Payment option (credit card or bank account needed)*

*Your payment information will not be charged until you are installed with service.

When you have ultra-high-speed Internet service from Greenlight, you can binge without buffering 24-7.

Below is a guide to help you cut the cord and start saving money today!

Two Easy Steps to Cut the Cord

Step 1: Choose your Streaming Providers

Streaming has come a long way in the last five years. Now you can stream content live, as well as binge on past and current seasons of your favorite shows. When choosing your providers, you need to know the monthly cost, the content they offer, and what devices are compatible with their product. Then you can choose the providers that best suits your needs.

Below are the most popular options available.

Step 2: Choose your Device

There are many ways to stream your favorite shows. Many people choose to stream using their phone or tablet. Another option is a gaming console such as a PlayStation, Xbox or Wii. If you own a smart TV, many streaming providers are directly available. Check out additional options below for streaming directly to your TV.

Helpful Articles

Helpful Articles

Streaming Providers

Still not sure which option works best to consume live content? The articles below show a side by side comparison of the top live streaming options available. They compare which options are compatible with different streaming devices, number of channels, DVR availability, and On-Demand availability. Bonus: the Fierce Cable article gives each of the streaming options a grade!

Tom’s Guide

Huffington Post

PC Mag

Fierce Cable

Streaming Devices

The articles below show a more detailed description of the devices available to stream live content. They show what features are available on each device as well as prices and reviews.

PC Mag

Tom’s Guide


Greenlight Partners

Local Partners

Need any further support with cutting the cord? Check out the local companies below. They will be able to answer any additional questions you may have and assist with your streaming needs. They are experts in home networking and smart home solutions and can customize a design that best suits your needs.

Welcome Home Living

Rowe Photo

House Digital

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