How to Optimize your Home Network

Tools for Speed Optimization

Did you know you can fully optimize your speed from Greenlight through a wired connection?  A direct connection between your devices and ONT or router can provide you with faster and more consistent speeds, as well as enhanced reliability while driving down latency or “buffering”.  To take full advantage of your internet speeds it is required to have a router and device that supports Gigabit (1000Mbps) ethernet and a Cat5e ethernet cable.

Test using the Greenlight Speedtest

Where to place your router
  • At least 10 feet from other Wi-Fi network or transmitting devices such as Bluetooth adapters, cordless phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors, or even the thin metal layer found in most mirrors to avoid potential interference
  • Away from any large metal objects, heat sources, moisture, excessive dust, or extreme cold
  • As close to the center of your home network area as possible, especially if you have a large area to cover or thick/dense walls
  • Position the devices connected to your network so the signals will go straight through a wall rather than at an angle. If the signals hit a wall at an angle, the signals appear much larger and decreases its strength.
  • Keep the number of walls and ceilings between your router and the other devices on your network to a minimum.
  • Place the router near a window if you want to access the network outside.
Reset your ONT (modem) and router.

Yes, we know you have heard this before! Believe it or not, it will solve most network issues. Resetting your device can help alleviate some network issues by cleaning up old data and re-provisioning your modem configuration from your internet service provider.

Run virus and malware scans regularly

Your devices may have introduced dangerous programs which can greatly reduce the speed of your connection.

Upgrade your devices

If your devices are slow, it doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection is. You can only access the internet at the rate in which your devices allow, regardless of internet speed. Please ensure your router’s firmware is up to date.

Close or uninstall any unneeded apps

You may have unused and unnecessary programs that are taking up bandwidth.  Uninstalling them can help improve the bandwidth which your browser can access.

When to Upgrade Your Router

Although every user experience is different, there are some common signs that it is time to upgrade your router.

  • If you have upgraded your router’s firmware to the latest release and still experience issues.

  • If you are unable to get a wireless signal everywhere in your home and have considered a Wi-Fi extender.

  • If your router is over 5 years of age, then it may no longer be supported and may not be compatible with the latest application updates.

Greenlight Approved Routers

Any router that accepts an Ethernet cable as its WAN connection with a Gigabit Ethernet port should work with your Greenlight Internet service. We suggest a device with at least an AC1900 or better speed rating. The routers we recommend are Dual-Band AC routers which can operate at two frequencies, 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz. Click here to learn more about the importance of choosing the correct router.  Ready to upgrade?  Click here to view your Greenlight approved router options.

Still have questions? Contact our Support Team here!

Make the most out of your new, upgraded speed!

Did You Know?


32% of TV watchers have cut the cord with cable.


50% of homes own one smart home device.


58% of households have a tv streaming device.

Time to Change the Way You Watch TV!

There are many affordable options out there to stream live TV. These options include sports, live channels, and all your favorite shows. You can also use multiple devices to stream. Check out our guide below to help you get started!


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YouTube TV
YouTube TV

65+ channels including: local channels, ESPN, Bravo, MLB Network, FX, and more!


65+ channels including: local channels, ESPN, MTV, E!, TNT, and more!

Sling TV
Sling TV

50 channels including: local channels, ESPN, NFL Network, Disney, USA, and more!


50+ channels including: local channels, ESPN, HGTV, Disney, Nat Geo, and more!


Starting at $29.99. Stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV & more!

Amazon Fire Stick
Amazon Fire Stick

Stream Netflix, Amazonn Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME & more!

Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast

Stream Netflix, SlingTV, HBO, Showtime & more!

Apple TV
Apple TV

Stream content from iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu & more!

Gaming Consoles
Gaming Consoles

Stream Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, Playstation VUE on a Playstation, XBox, Nintendo Switch, and more!

Smart TV
Smart TV

Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, Sharp, and Vizio all offer smart TV options.

Helpful Articles

Helpful Articles

Streaming Providers

Still not sure which option works best to consume live content? The articles below show a side by side comparison of the top live streaming options available. They compare which options are compatible with different streaming devices, number of channels, DVR availability, and On-Demand availability. Bonus: the Fierce Cable article gives each of the streaming options a grade!

Tom’s Guide

Huffington Post

PC Mag

Fierce Cable

Streaming Devices

The articles below show a more detailed description of the devices available to stream live content.  They show what features are available on each device as well as prices and reviews.

PC Mag

Tom’s Guide

Greenlight Partners

Local Partners

Need any further support with cutting the cord? Check out the local companies below. They will be able to answer any additional questions you may have and assist with your streaming needs. They are experts in home networking and smart home solutions and can customize a design that  best suits your needs.

Welcome Home Living

Rowe Photo

House Digital


Enjoy your upgraded speed!

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