Here are some recommendations for how best to utilize your new blazing fast Internet, from which router to use to which apps to stream your favorite shows and movies on.

Router Recommendations

Router Recommendations

Choosing your router can be difficult in a saturated market, and can be a real headache for anyone that isn’t tech-savvy. We’re here to go through some options to get the most out of your Fiber connection.  Click here for router recommendations or visit our Amazon page to order them today.

Cutting the Cord

Cut the Cord with Cable

Cable companies can be a nuisance to deal with, from their contracts to their prices. Luckily, there are an abundance of new options for you to stream your favorite shows without difficult contracts and high prices to pair with your new network.

Free Internet Phone Calls

Make Internet Phone Calls

Afraid of cancelling your current Internet provider because of your landline? There are now many applications that allow you to make free calls from your PC or phone to other devices.

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