Want Greenlight in your Neighborhood?

The best way to get Greenlight in your community is to be proactive! Go out and spread the word to your neighbors about the advantages a new network can bring you.

Take a page from the ABC Streets handbook when looking for ways to help bring Greenlight Networks to your neighborhood! The community in the ABC Streets in Rochester have gone above and beyond to bring fiber to their district. We appreciate all the efforts of the ABC Streets to bring our service to their neighborhood as soon as possible. We look forward to providing them with the fastest internet service in Rochester and can’t wait to see what they do with all of that extra bandwidth! Take a look below at how they did it.


Spread the Word

The ABC Streets community started by going door to door handing out flyers to neighbors to spread the word about Greenlight. They even posted amazing and funny signs in their neighborhood to encourage orders and keep people informed about the district’s progress.

Use Social Media

Their neighborhood association became involved and has been very active on their website and social media to encourage residents to sign up and place their order on our website. Use the Internet to get better Internet!


Get the Media Involved

Lastly, the community got the local media involved to help push their district to reach 100% of its order goal so we can begin construction in their district. View the article written about ABC Streets here.

Email us at sales@greenlightnetworks.com for flyers / door hangers!