Streaming The Tokyo Olympics with Fiber-Optic Internet

The Tokyo Olympics is finally here! After an unprecedented year with Covid-19 that forced the Tokyo Olympics to be postponed in 2020, the time has finally come to watch our beloved athletes represent our countries again. With every sport from soccer to gymnastics, you will not want to miss any of the action, that takes place from Friday, July 23, to Sunday, August 8.

When planning to watch the Tokyo Olympics, it is vital to keep the time difference in mind. The time difference between Tokyo and the Eastern Time Zone is 13 hours. Evening events in Tokyo will be broadcasted in the United States in the morning and morning events in Tokyo will take place the evening of the day before those watching from the U.S.

For maximum Olympic content, your local NBC station should be your go-to place to watch. For those who have cut the cord on cable TV, NBC will air Tokyo Olympic events across three other platforms: Peacock, NBC Sports, and NBC’s Olympic Website.

Tokoyo Olympics Streaming Options

NBC offers a subscription to their streaming service called Peacock where all the Tokyo Olympic action will be taking place. This package is perfect if all you are looking to stream this summer is the Tokyo Olympics. The service costs $4.99/month with the ability to cancel anytime.


Great news! If you own an android or iOS product, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, or Android TV you will be able to simply access the Official Olympic Channel app with no additional cost or subscription. This will allow you access to every event and exclusive content with a simple click of a button.



For those that already have or are ready to cut the cord with cable, there are other streaming services that offer not only NBC, but many more cable channels, movies, sports, and DVRs as well. These include FuboTV, AT&T TV, Hulu Plus, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. Here is how to access NBC through those streaming services to watch the Tokyo Olympics this summer.


FuboTV is one of the more expensive options, streaming starts at $64.99/month but offers the most bang for your buck. The service includes around 120 channels as well as a DVR, so you do not miss a moment. FuboTV also offers a family share option that allows you to split content between three different screens in the house, perfect for the family that cannot decide who gets control of the remote during the Tokyo Olympics packed schedule. They also offer a 7-day free trial.


AT&T TV is $69.99/month for their basic package; it comes with 65 channels including NBC and plenty of DVR space to store your favorite events to watch at the most convenient time for you. For just $10 more a month you can get unlimited space on the DVR and the ability to skip through commercials. The highly talked about HBO Max streaming site is also available through AT&T TV for an additional $15/month. To receive the ultimate package, which includes the Olympic Channel, the cost would be $94.99.


At $65/month Hulu Plus is a favorite in the world of streaming. This premium version allows for live and on-demand TV as well as NBC and the Olympic Channel. The DVR that is included in the package allows you to record the Tokyo Olympics or other content for up to 5 hours.



Another option at $54.99/month is YouTube TV. This price applies for the first three months and then jumps to $64.99 thereafter. With this price, you can get premium content original to YouTube as well as 85 channels including NBC and the Olympics Channel. A highlight to this service is the unlimited amount of storage as well as the ability to have 6 different accounts and 3 streams attached to your subscription. This can allow for each family member to set up their own perfect Olympics schedule.


The cheapest option aside from Peacock is Sling TV. It is typically $35/month for 30 channels as well as thousands of on-demand movies and shows. They also have a special offer that allows you to pay only $10 for the first month, which includes free DVR. Once again it costs extra to receive the full Olympic Channel on this service, the Blue Sports Extra package costing $46/month.



With Greenlight Networks, New York’s fastest fiber-optic Internet provider, you will not have any problems watching the Tokyo Olympics online without cable. Greenlight Networks offers the fastest and most reliable type of internet connection you can choose, starting at $50/month for 500mbps. A fiber-optic connection to the home like Greenlight Networks brings benefits like:

  • Zero buffering
  • Super-fast downloads and uploads
  • Ability to stream TV, movies, and music on multiple devices at the same time
  • Superior online-gaming experience
  • Improved reliability and reduced susceptibility to inclement weather

Finding the best streaming option for you to tune into the Tokyo Olympics is important, but so is having reliable internet like Greenlight Networks fiber-optic Internet. Learn more and find out if Greenlight Networks fiber-optic Internet is available in your area. Go Team USA!

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