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We do all of our billing through autopay which requires a card/ACH account to keep the cost down for our customers. You are not charged until you are installed with service and you can change your card/ACH at anytime once you are installed.
We pre authorize $0.01 so that we know they are valid and working cards/accounts.

As of 11/26/18, Greenlight Networks no longer requires prospective customers to put down a $10.00 deposit when placing their order or pre-order for service. If you have paid a $10.00 deposit, it will automatically be applied to your first month’s bill once you have been fully installed. If you have paid a $10.00 deposit and canceled your order or pre-order, you will be refunded your $10.00 deposit.

Yes, we charge a one-time fee of $100. This can be split up into 4 different payments or paid in full. Once we have our fiber-optic network built in a neighborhood, we will start running fiber to the homes of people that have placed and confirmed their order with us, which costs $100. When we install service to your home, we will first run a fiber cable from our network to a unit we install on the side of your house. After that is completed, a Greenlight technician will extend that line into your home and connect your fiber optic ONT (modem). The installation fee covers the cost of both visits and the materials involved in connecting your home. You will not be charged anything until your service is installed and connected.

For residential service, contracts are not required.

No, Greenlight does all of our billing through the MyGreenlight Portal.  Every month when your invoice is ready, we will send you an email letting you know that your bill is ready and that you can view it on the portal.  Paperless billing helps keep the costs to our customers down.

Absolutely! At any time you are welcome to make a payment early via the MyGreenlight Portal, or you can contact us at 585-351-6600 to process a payment for you.

Yes, you can! You can put your service on hold for up to 6/9 months. There is a one-time hold fee of $25 that will appear on your next invoice, and there is no fee to re-activate the service.

My Greenlight Customer Portal

  1. Visit
  2. Enter username – email address associated with the primary account holder
  3. Enter password – 10-digit phone number associated with the primary account holder OR click forgot password link and follow the steps for resetting your password

Key Features:

  • View outages and maintenances with updates.

  • Opt-in for text messages to be notified of maintenances and outages.

  • Pay your balance and view past invoices in PDF format.

  • Update your payment information.

  • Manage contacts to allow others in your household to access the portal.

  • Open a new support ticket. You can view and resolve support tickets too!

  • Chat with a Greenlight Concierge during support hours.

  • Look at the status of your order from start to finish

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