Multi-Dwelling Properties

Accelerate Your Property

Greenlight Networks serves multi-dwelling properties of all sizes with our high-speed fiber Internet. Our service is designed to enable property managers, condo boards, HOAs, and apartments to bring fast, affordable, fiber Internet to their communities. 


With Greenlight Networks Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connection, each resident will have a dedicated fiber Internet connection, keeping your property competitive and your residents highly satisfied! Residents can even upgrade their speeds, as needed.


How We Bring Gig Speeds to Your Building

Step 1

You’ll receive an easements agreement from Greenlight Networks. Once the agreement is signed, we’ll get started.

Step 2

We will conduct a site survey. A Greenlight Networks representative will survey your property and develop a design plan.

Step 3

Next, we start construction. We’ll contact you to schedule our build out once your agreement is approved.

Step 4

Once your property is connected, we’ll begin installing internet to homeowners who placed an order for service.

Benefits of Fiber Internet

Attract Residents

Provide residents with necessary high-speed amenities to attract and keep them.

Generate Revenue

Make your property stand out from the competition by offering top-notch services like high-speed Internet from Greenlight Networks.

Competitive Advantage

GIG speeds from Greenlight Networks distinguishes your property from your competition.

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