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With reliable fiber internet, accomplish more in less time. Your ability to stay online, avoid connection dropouts, and stream your favorite content is made possible by Greenlight Networks’ GIG speed fiber internet plans.



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up to 500 Mb



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up to 1 Gig



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up to 8 Gig

Add Total Managed Wi-Fi (includes router) at check out, to any of our Internet plans starting at $5/Month.

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We're Expanding our Fiber Network.

Check your address to see if we're in your neighborhood!

Understand Your Status:

Our network is built and service is available in your Greenlight District! Place your order to get installed and go faster with Greenlight!

Some streets in your district are already connected to our network! Place your order now to get installed while our team is in your area. Your house may be ready for service!

Our construction team is building our fiber network in your neighborhood. This includes aerial construction (attaching fiber to the utility poles in your neighborhood) and underground construction (installing conduit and fiber cable along an underground path in the town right of way using a surface launched drilling rig.) Learn more about how a fiber network is built. Be sure to place your pre-order to be installed while our construction team is in the neighborhood.

We are accepting pre-orders and assessing the demand in your area. Place your pre-order today and spread the word to your neighbors to get your neighborhood going at the speed of Greenlight.


There is no deposit, and you are not charged until after service is installed.

We are currently evaluating the network design and engineering specifications, construction costs and conditions, as well as permits and easement requirements for your district.

We may evaluate this area for future expansion. Sign up to receive any future updates.

Road to Fiber:

When deciding where to build next, our team looks at several factors such as demand, cost, complexity of build, the number of easements and permits required, among other factors.

This process involves evaluating a district and constructing a plan for laying the fiber as well as beginning to identify where easements may be required. This is also the time that our team will begin the utility pole application process, which can take up to 365 days. Our team is locating and evaluating necessary poles and getting required permissions to access these poles to properly construct our infrastructure.

Our team is locating and evaluating necessary poles and getting required permissions to access these poles to properly construct our infrastructure.

After the network design is complete, the district is ready to be added to our construction schedule. During this time, we will be reaching out to residents to place pre-orders for service.

Our team will now be obtaining all the final permits necessary to build. Once that is complete, we will partner with local contractors to begin building our network in your district. Construction can be completed aerially or underground or in a combination, depending on the utilities currently in your neighborhood.

Once construction is complete, customers will be notified to schedule their in-home installation! Once this is complete, customers are ready to stream, game, surf and more using NY’s fastest fiber optic Internet network!

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What our customers say about us

We switched to Greenlight yesterday and the two young men that came out, Nick and Simeon, were the most professional, courteous, and competent technicians we could have hoped for. They installed our new service seamlessly with minimum alteration of our home. Before they left they made certain all our devices were up and running. We could not have asked for better service, these two men were terrific!

Timothy D.

I’ve had Verizon FiOS, Comcast, spectrum and At&t in the past and Greenlight is by far the best I’ve had so far! The technician that came to install the modem was knowledgeable and left no mess, he even had this little mini vac to clean up any debris from putting the cable through the wall. The setup is super simple, you have their small modem with 2 cables connected, that’s it. The WiFi router is supplied on your own which I think is cool, no monthly router rent! After everything was set up the speed test showed I was getting the advertised speed I was paying for! That’s a nice change from being disappointed to find out my 100mb down was only 50mb during high traffic hours coming from past providers. The speed I’m getting from Greenlight is much faster(500mb min) and cheaper than anything that I’ve been offered in cities I’ve lived in the past.

Matthew C.

We had Greenlight installed a couple months ago. With our old internet provider I would frequently need to switch off my Wi-Fi on my phone to lessen the burden on the system so that my kids could do their online work. With Greenlight we have no issues getting everyone online at the same time! It’s also less expensive than my previous provider.

Linnaea V.

For those on the fence about Greenlight Networks, this morning I noticed a hanging wire behind my house, called RG&E, and determined it wasn’t theirs, too thin. Had to be Spectrum or Frontier, I have neither service but I do have Greenlight. I called them and they had technicians out here in an hour to fix the wiring.

Debbie H.

I became a Greenlight customer in March 2022 and have been DELIGHTED with the speed, reliability, customer support and price for this service. The installation crew did an excellent job of tunneling the cable through our neighborhood in challenging winter weather.

John A.

I had a group of your service techs at my home today. Wanted to let you know they did an outstanding job getting my service back up and running. They were here for about three hours in the deep snow working out a solution to my problem. All of them were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. As always, I will continue to recommend Greenlight. Thanks again for a job well done!

Jim M.

We had service installed at Pennicott Circle in Penfield a few days ago and a person came to my door to let me know they were putting in the fiber and that I could schedule service later that day. The Greenlight Technician was kind and provided really great customer service, was so knowledgeable and helpful!

Kristin V.

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