Enjoy a better gaming experience with fiber Internet

To be successful in the online arena you not only need skills, but gamers need to make quick decisions and have ultra-fast Internet speeds. Experiencing buffering or lagging can hinder your online experience, especially as games get more complex. When it comes to gaming, using fiber Internet gives you an advantage over your virtual opponents.

Why Speed Matters

Fiber is the best choice for gamers, as it provides high-bandwidth connections up to 2 Gigs download and upload speed. The time it takes to download a file from an online server to your device is referred to as download speed, while upload speed refers to the time it takes to upload data from your device to an online server. The game becomes more responsive to your controls as the download and upload speeds improve. With Greenlight Networks you get synchronous speeds allowing you to game and stream with the freedom of no interruptions.

Bandwidth is Key

Bandwidth is defined as an Internet connection’s maximum capacity. Fiber Internet is ideal for households that have multiple devices using your Internet at once without sacrificing quality or speed. Information is sent via small, flexible strands of glass that transmit light which allows data to be sent faster over greater distances. Each strand of fiber can transmit more data than the traditional cable provider. Streaming games requires more bandwidth than typical online gaming sessions and therefore needs a more reliable connection!

Reliability for All

When it comes to reliability, fiber wins. It’s far more consistent than cable, with better performance levels over a longer period. In fact, it has five times fewer faults than cable. There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to play online when the Internet is down—not to mention buffering or long loading times.


More importantly, with fiber, you get your own dedicated line, which means you receive a direct Internet connection that’s not shared with other users – the speeds you pay for are yours alone. It’s like having your own dedicated lane in rush hour traffic!

No Data Caps

Data limitations could become an issue if you download or stream a lot of games. Some video games these days top 160 GB! That’s a lot of data to download, and if your Internet service provider has a data cap, your gaming might end up as game over. With Greenlight Networks Internet there are no data caps, so you can play as long as you want without limitation.


Greenlight Networks delivers the kind of fiber Internet connection that gamers need. It’s here for your downloads and uploads and delivers gaming content fast and without data caps. With plans starting at just $50 per month for 500 Mbps synchronous download and upload speed gamers will have peace of mind when gaming on New York’s fastest fiber Internet. Ready to elevate to the next level of gaming experience? See if our game-changing fiber Internet is available in your area.