Greenlight Networks is expanding, and it’s starting on the west side.

Gates will be the first whole town to get the high-speed internet service provider; that comes just a few months after a Tom Golisano-owned company bought the business.


Greenlight President Mark Murphy says it has helped accelerate the company’s growth. “Capital always helps. So certainly having the capital available allows us to hire the people, and by hiring the folks, it allows us to engineer areas more quickly, it allows us to provide our customers with better support both on the front and the back end.”


Murphy says they are now in the process of hiring 20 new staff members, and that residents in certain neighborhoods will be able to start using their services as early as next week. The company is now accepting orders in 26 new Greenlight districts in the town of Gates. The districts that reach their order goal fastest will be first for construction of Greenlight’s fiber-optic Internet service.


Gates Supervisor Mark Assini says it’s important to bring competition to the town. “Residents right now want a choice. If they’re frustrated, they don’t like the speed of their service, they don’t like the price of their service, they don’t have a lot of options. Now they have an additional option that wasn’t there before. So for them, it’s variety of choice, and it’s pricing.”


Residents are now able to place their order through Greenlight’s website.


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