Golisano looking to buy high-speed internet provider Greenlight

Katelynn Benz is a busy mom of two who’s looking to save money for her family by cutting the cord with her cable company.


“We want to sever ties with Spectrum because we think we pay too much a month for the speed we’re getting. It’s just too much for the slowness we have,” said Benz.


Benz said her husband is looking to install Greenlight Networks, the high-speed internet provider, in their neighborhood in West Irondequoit. She said the internet provider would be a faster and cheaper alternative.


“I think right now, with any young family with children, you’re looking to save money on the products you need every day,” said Benz.


The Rochester-based company is looking to expand its fiber optic network. Last week, Greenlight filed a joint petition with the public service commission seeking expedited approval of Grand Oaks’ acquisition of the company.


Grand Oaks, LLC of Pittsford is controlled by local billionaire Tom Golisano. Greenlight Networks President Mark Murphy said Golisano would buy the company pending approval from the commission. He said it would allow them to expand at a more rapid pace.


“People really want our service, and we weren’t able to move as quickly as needed to, to get service across the area,” said Murphy. “Now with Mr. Golisano behind us, we think we’re going to be able to do that much more quickly and efficiently.”


Murphy said the move would also create jobs and cause fewer headaches for potential customers who stream videos and use a lot of bandwidth.


“Our customers who have had us for a while love us, because they can watch Netflix and Hulu and all those other shows that may be buffering with the internet provider they have today,” said Murphy.


The acquisition could be welcomed news for Benz and her family. “We have the gaming system, we have the tablets and the cell phones and it’s just not worth it,” said Benz.


Greenlight hopes to begin expanding more rapidly by the end of the year.


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