Greenlight Bringing Fiber Internet to Thousands by Year End

BUFFALO. N.Y. (Feb. 2, 2023) – Greenlight Networks (“Greenlight”), the leading fiber-to-the-home provider in New York State, announced today during a press event at City Hall that it is bringing its sought-after fiber optic Internet network into the city of North Tonawanda. With multi-gigabit Internet services becoming available as soon as August 2023, the company will invest nearly $12.5 million in network and infrastructure build outs. Over the next two years, Greenlight will bring fiber connectivity to more than 12,800 households in the city of North Tonawanda.


Greenlight has set its sights on the neighborhoods of Spaulding, Gilmore, Ironton, Warner and Rosebrock to begin initial construction of its 100% fiber network in these areas mid-year.


“Mayor Austin Tylec has been a great advocate for fiber Internet services, and we are looking forward to this expansion and bringing Greenlight services to local residents in North Tonawanda that need it most. Residents will soon have access to superior speeds and competitive pricing, including our new multi-gigabit fiber services,” said Mark Murphy, President and CEO of Greenlight. “We’re grateful to see the community and city official’s support when it comes to construction efforts and will work diligently to expand our services over the next two years.”


With current services in both the upper and lower west side of Buffalo, as well as neighborhoods throughout Cheektowaga, Greenlight has identified the city of North Tonawanda as being underserved in terms of its current access to fiber Internet. The company is working with local officials to secure the necessary approvals and required agreements to begin construction. Greenlight is also collaborating with local utility companies to gain access to the utility poles, which will further increase the number of homes that gain access.


North Tonawanda Mayor Austin Tylec has been working with Greenlight to bring services to the area. “I am pleased to welcome Greenlight Networks to North Tonawanda, and it is wonderful to know our residents will soon have more access and choice when it comes to reliable, high-speed fiber Internet services,” said Mayor Austin Tylec. “Greenlight’s multi-million-dollar investment is going to make a real difference here and will impact our communities in a very positive way, especially for those working remotely, virtual learning, streaming content or video conferences that just need more reliable and affordable services.”


Greenlight is partnering with Gratwick Hose Company Inc. in North Tonawanda to host its network equipment in exchange for complimentary high-speed fiber broadband service at Station #6 on 110 Ward Rd.


Greenlight will be hosting a community event later today from 3 pm to 6 pm at the firehouse to introduce residents to its service offerings and answer any questions about the fiber advantage. 


“When Greenlight approached our station with the idea of a partnership, we were thrilled. We’re happy to support them as they move forward with this vital, fiber Internet expansion throughout our community,” said Robert Brennan, President, Gratwick Hose Company Inc. “This is truly an exciting development for local residents and our region—and a really important one. Residents need fast, reliable Internet services more than ever and Greenlight is making that happen.”


Residents in North Tonawanda will start to see Greenlight Networks trucks, as well as those of its sub-contractors, as construction activities expand throughout the community. Residents can visit Greenlight’s Buffalo Region Neighborhood Page to learn more about Greenlight’s progress in their neighborhood and sign-up to express interest and for construction updates. Once construction is completed, customers that pre-ordered services will be notified to schedule in-home installation by a Greenlight Networks’ fiber technician.


About Greenlight Networks
Greenlight Networks is an ultra-high-speed, broadband service provider, offering residential and small business customers Internet speeds up to 5 Gigabits per second. Greenlight Networks was founded in 2011 and builds, owns, and operates a fiber-optic network that provides extremely high-speed Internet connections. The company’s high-speed fiber Internet network is currently available to more than 125,000 homes in 21 municipalities in the Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton, and Albany areas. For more information, visit or find it on, and @GreenlightFiber on Twitter.