Greenlight Networks Continues Expansion Across Monroe County, this Time to the West Side

It’s the first time the company is offering it to an entire town instead of just neighborhoods.


Greenlight Networks is expanding again, heading to the west side of Monroe County for the first time.


It’s also the first time the company is offering it to an entire town instead of just neighborhoods.


Starting next week you’ll see crews out here running lines underground. It’s another way the company is trying to advance, instead of wiring your utility pole in the backyard.


For those who already signed up for this newer service, Messenger Post’s news partner News10NBC wanted to know if it measures up.


It’s been just over two months since Scott Diamond, a former News10NBC employee, and his roommates got the network installed.


According to Diamond, it was worth it.


Here’s his speed test. On his laptop hardwired to the fiber-optic service, Diamond receives over 500 megabits per second. He says with his previous provider, he would only get 50 while paying $40 more.


“I’ve got 3 roommates, we’ve got over 15 devices. That’s a lot of internet,” stated Diamond.


But even with every device running, he reports no issues, “we haven’t had any internet drops, no interruptions, no spinning loading screen on any of our services whatsoever.”


“Kids are learning on computers, tablets, you have different devices in the home. It all eats up at your internet,” stated Councilman Steve Tucciarello.


Which is one reason why Gates Councilman Steve Tucciarello personally reached out to Greenlight Networks to get the service to Gates, the first councilmember in the region to do so.


“Small businesses in our area that depend at this time on offsite databases, they’ll have better connections to make business more cost-effective,” adds Tucciarello.


You will also see Greenlight Networks expanding its services, hoping to double installation by January. The company also plans to hire 20 people by the end of this year. This is mostly due to money invested by Tom Golisano.


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