The Fiber Advantage

Do More with Fiber

Why Greenlight Fiber?

Symmetrical Speeds

The upload and download speeds with fiber are the same. This means that uploading larger files and hosting video calls are a seamless online experience.

No Lag

Say good-bye to lag! With virtually no buffering, stream live TV and all your favorite shows, movies, and more simultaneously on multiple devices.

Forward Thinking Technology

Fiber is designed to adapt to new technology, devices, and increasing consumer demand. Fiber has you covered for anything the future holds.


Moisture, temperature, aging, or great distances have limited impact on a fiber connection. Our network is directly connected to your home.

What Can I Do with Fiber Internet?
Why Speed Matters
Whether you are video chatting, doing your homework online, playing your favorite online games, or all of these at the same time —you are probably using more broadband than you think. Modern homes require a huge amount of bandwidth. Fiber Internet from Greenlight Networks offers the fastest, most reliable connection so you don’t experience any disruptions.
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Keep up with Your Favorite Media
Companies like Apple, Netflix, Hulu, Google, YouTube, and Microsoft are all creating wonderful ways for everyone to watch what they want, where they want, on almost any device imaginable. This generational change means that people will need far more bandwidth than today’s networks offer. The metal phone and cable wires connecting homes, apartments, and buildings are simply not as capable of sending and receiving information as fiber-optic cables.
This is Our Home
While access to fiber is available in some of America’s largest cities, small and mid-sized cities have been overlooked up to this point. Greenlight Networks is based in Rochester, NY, one of the 10 high-tech areas of the United States, and it has been a hotbed of telecommunications competition and innovation since the mid-90s. Because we live here, we think it’s time for the people of these communities to experience a better Internet experience over an all fiber network.
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Add Value to Your Home

Greenlight Networks has been providing internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second since it launched service in 2011 and announced an 8 Gigabits per second product this year. Using a fiber optic network, Greenlight Networks is able to provide its customers with internet speeds that are 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today! A recent study found that homes in neighborhoods with a fiber connection can see an increase in value up to 3.1% or $5,437. Studies have also shown that home buyers are choosing where to live based on access to high speed internet service. A fiber connection from Greenlight Networks will make your home and community stand out to potential buyers should you decide to sell your home in the future.


Average increase in home value by adding Fiber network connection



/ Month

up to 500 Mb



/ Month

up to 1 Gig



/ Month

up to 2 Gig



/ Month

up to 8 Gig

Add Total Managed Wi-Fi (includes router) at check out, to any of our Internet plans starting at $5/Month.