Greenlight Networks is receiving a huge boost.

Rochester – Greenlight Networks is receiving a huge boost.


They’re joining forces with Tom Golisano as they look to expand across Monroe County. The company finalized its sale to the Rochester businessman on Monday as they look to become a player in the Rochester internet market.


The local provider is looking to expand quickly. They currently cover only 20% of Monroe County but would like to be much closer to 100% a year from now according to Greenlight Networks President and CEO Mark Murphy.


“We’ll be in every town in Monroe County or most of them I would say by the first quarter of 2019” said Murphy.


Golisano is also excited about the possibilities.“We’re going to be adding new territories in new neighborhoods across the county so that’s a real positive. The pent up demand it seems for their service is unreal so being able to deliver it to communities is exciting” said Golisano.


This could mean more options for people like Nina Talamo who lives in Rochester.


“I hear it’s awesome. It’s high speed, better connection. Ours here isn’t that great and it’s cheaper so I’d definitely get that if I could get it” said Talamo.


Greenlight is planning on doubling their staff to reach their expansion goals, adding around 20 employees in the next few months.


They’ll need the extra help dealing with their increased demand, sparked they say by Golisano’s involvement.

“The response has been through the roof since he’s come on board. We’ve gotten almost as much, we got more interest in April on our website than we did all 2015” said Murphy.


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