Phone Options For Fiber Internet

At Greenlight Networks our focus is to bring high-speed fiber Internet to residents’ homes. While we don’t provide phone plans, you can still break free from the limitations of bundled services and switch to high-speed fiber Internet, without sacrificing your home phone. The transition is hassle-free, and you can easily keep your home phone number by switching to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider. Plus, you might even save money in the process!

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” It’s a technology that allows you to make voice calls and send messages over the Internet instead of using traditional telephone lines. In simpler terms, it lets you use the Internet to talk to people just like you would on a traditional landline, but with the added flexibility and features that come with digital communication included improved call quality.

How it Works

Instead of using traditional telephone lines, your voice is turned into digital information, kind of like a computer file. This digital voice travels over the Internet and reaches your friend’s computer or phone, where it’s turned back into sound so you can have a conversation. So, VoIP is like talking over the Internet instead of using old-fashioned telephone lines. It’s a way to make phone calls using the power of the Internet! Most service providers have converted their landline plans to VoIP already.

VoIP Provider Recommendations

Ooma and Vonage are two well-known brands in the world of VoIP services, offering alternatives to traditional phone services and work optimally with Greenlight’s high-speed fiber Internet connection.

Ooma is a company that provides VoIP phone services for homes and businesses. When you use Ooma, you get a device called an “Ooma Telo” that you connect to your Internet router. This device allows you to make and receive phone calls over the Internet using your regular (cord or cordless) telephone handset.


Ooma offers various plans, including a basic free plan that includes features like caller ID. You will just need to make a one-time purchase of Omma Telo device. Ooma also offers paid plans ($9.99/mo.) with additional features like advanced call blocking and voicemail. Ooma is known for its high call quality and easy setup process. You can compare prices, plans, and features on their website.

Vonage is another prominent VoIP provider. With Vonage, you can use your existing home phone by connecting a Vonage phone adapter to your high-speed Internet connection and touchtone phone. Or purchase a Vonage Phone kit.


Like Ooma, Vonage also offers different plans, including residential (starting at $9.99/mo.) and business options. They often include features like unlimited calling to certain countries, voicemail, and mobile apps for making calls on the go. Vonage is known for its flexibility and international calling options. More about Vonage’s plans and features can be found by visiting their website.

Both Ooma and Vonage are brands that offer VoIP services, allowing you to make phone calls over the Internet. It is important to note that with both companies, you can carry over your current phone number. Additionally, in the event of a power or Internet outage, both Ooma and Vonage offer the peace of mind of call forwarding to a mobile line. For extra reliability, you can even purchase backup batteries for your VoIP phones.

Start Calling at the Speed of Greenlight

For good VoIP call quality, a stable and fast Internet connection is necessary. Test your Internet speed, and find a reliable provider to avoid connection problems like call drops, sound delays, or choppy calls. A weak Internet connection can make conversations challenging.


Greenlight Networks’ high-speed fiber Internet offers NY’s fastest Internet speeds. This means clear and reliable VoIP calls, in addition to the ability to share large files, stream in high resolution, and power multiple devices simultaneously. Learn more about our service and check availability today!