Plans & Packages


Benefits of a Fiber Internet Provider

      • Synchronous speeds: cable providers are not able to provide matching upload and download speeds

      • Add value to the home: increase your home’s value up to 3.1% with a fiber connection

      • Future-forward: Greenlight can offer up to 10 Gbps today and will be able to scale our fiber up to 40 Gbps and beyond in the future

      • Enough bandwidth to cut the cord with cable: stop suffering from buffering while streaming your favorite shows


Amazingly Fast!


per month

Up to 500 Mbps Download
& 50 Mbps Upload

Installation Fee: $100


Buckle Up!


per month

Up to 750 Mbps Download
& 75 Mbps Upload

Installation Fee: $100


The Big Gig!


per month

Up to 1 Gig* Download
& 100 Mbps Upload

Installation Fee: $100




per month

Up to 2 Gig Download
& 200 Mbps Upload

Installation Fee: $100

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are upgrading upload speeds for orders in Serviceable Greenlight Districts at no additional charge. Your upload speed will match your download speed (500/500, 750/750, 1000/1000, 2000/2000.)


Property Managers

This is a subscription based service but no contract is required, cancel at anytime.
Financial Responsibilities: You must pay in accordance with our billing practices for all services. The amount due will vary due to applicable fees and taxes or other installation and service charges. All billing information is available at the Greenlight Networks Customer Portal. All payments are authorized to be automatically collected.
Termination of Service: We may discontinue or terminate service at any time, in our sole discretion, with or without reason, and may require you to pay certain fees if termination. You may terminate the Services at any time, and in such event you may also be required to pay certain fees for early termination.