What Causes Unplanned Fiber Internet Service Disruptions?

Service disruptions, while infrequent, do occur from time to time. Greenlight Networks is committed to providing affected customers with timely information and updates while making every effort to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If there is a service interruption, you can get information by logging into your MyGreenlight Customer Portal. Within the portal, you can sign up to receive updates via email and SMS text. So, what causes an outage to occur?


One of the primary causes of an outage is creatures with pointed teeth. Animals that chew, such as squirrels, moles, beaves, and other rodents, can seriously harm fiber. With underground construction our teams take the necessary precautions with our fiber-optic network by burrowing the fiber three feet deep. This makes it more challenging for rodents to locate and harm them. It is difficult to 100% prevent network disruptions, regardless of how well-designed and sophisticated the network is, with fast routers, strong cables, and well-deployed hardware.


Yes, motor vehicle accidents can potentially cause outages. If an accident occurs near network infrastructure components such as fiber-optic cables or utility poles it can cause physical damage to these components. Severed or damaged fiber optic cables can disrupt the transmission of data and result in an Internet outage for the affected area.

Motor vehicle accidents can sometimes lead to power outages if utility poles, or electrical lines are affected. Internet service providers rely on electrical power to operate their networking equipment. Meaning a power outage caused by a car accident can also lead to an Internet outage in the affected area.

Acts of Nature

These events are typically beyond human control and have the potential to have a significant impact on the underlying infrastructure required for Internet connectivity.


Some examples include:

  1. Severe Weather: Events such as storms, extreme wind conditions, heavy ice, or snowfall can damage or destroy a network infrastructure, including fiber-optic cables or utility poles. The physical destruction or disruption of these components can result in widespread or localized Internet outages.
  2. Lightning Strikes: Lightning strikes can cause power surges or directly damage network equipment and electrical systems, leading to equipment failures or power outages that result in Internet disruptions.
  3. Wildfires: Wildfires can burn through utility poles, overhead lines, or underground cables, damaging the network infrastructure.

Although these causes are unpredictable and cannot be avoided, Greenlight Networks has contingency plans. We have backup systems in place, and a dedicated team that monitors our network 24/7. The severity and duration of the outage may depend on the extent of the damage. It may also depend on the resources available for restoration efforts. With Greenlight Networks you get local support and trained professionals that are focused on maintaining open communication with our customers to ensure the outage has a minimal impact and service is restored as quickly as possible.


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