Can Everyone Hear Me Okay?


“Can everyone? Can? Sorry, everyone hear me okay?”

If you’ve been on a video conference call while working from home, you’ve probably experienced a similar conversation. With 80% of people who can work from home, working remotely and a majority of those using 2-way applications like video conferencing, now is the time that download and upload speeds start to make sense and it turns out, they really matter.  Gone are the days when video games and binge-worthy series were streamed after dinner into prime time.  Almost overnight, bandwidth usage nationwide jumped on average by 70%.  Suddenly, those super-fast plans you assumed were geared towards intense gamers seem like a better option for your average household.


If you’re feeling flustered during your work from home day, you’re not alone.  Did you ever think you’d have to consider other device usage within your home when accepting a work meeting invite? A recent study conducted by RVA, LLC found that homes are having to juggle who can be on what device, using what applications and when and this has a corresponding impact on work productivity.  Typically these homes are using cable internet, which is a shared Internet connection and bandwidth is rationed within the household and often with your neighbors.  On average, people in this situation are seeing 6 hours of lost productivity time each week due to internet rationing within the home.  That adds up to 312 hours a year or 18 working days of lost time due to internet quality.  That’s way too much time to spend frustrated.


Why Fiber Internet?

On the other hand, Fiber Internet, is a dedicated Internet connection directly and exclusively to your home.  Greenlight Networks is a fiber-to-the-home Internet company and we have kept a close eye on our customer’s demand during this time.  We are happy to report that even with that 70% Monday through Friday daytime usage jump, our fiber network rose to the challenge with room for more demand. 


The future is fiber and Greenlight Networks is ready, are you?


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