Save Money with Greenlight and Streaming


During this time of economic uncertainty and stress, Greenlight is here for you! We understand Internet service is essential for families working, learning and living virtually. Fiber internet is 5 times faster than cable internet, which provides the bandwidth households need especially during these times. We can help save you money as Greenlight’s most popular package is only $50/month, $20 less than cable internet


Cutting the cord also offers the chance to save money and only pay for the channels you actually watch.


Reference the cost savings chart on our website in order to see what you could be saving per month if you were to cut the cord and switch to Greenlight!     


Chart for $$ blog 


Start getting faster speeds while saving money during this dire time. Greenlight is here to help! If you are unsure on what streaming service you would use once you cut the cord, check out and see how much $ you could save a month and still have all the access to all of your favorite TV shows. Don’t suffer with slow speeds and a high internet bill. Switch to Greenlight today and start saving and streaming without any buffering, taxes or contracts! Visit our website to sign up today!


Along with saving money, cutting the cord offers many benefits! If you are unhappy with your plan, you can cancel at any time with no trouble! Streaming platforms such as Sling and Netflix are widely considered easier to use than cable tv. Often times, Cable TV subscriptions offer channels that are never watched. By cutting the cord, you get full control of the channels and have the ability to regroup your favorite channels for easy access. Cutting the cord also allows the possibility of watching your favorite channels on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.



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