cable vs fiber inforgraphic

  • It takes less than 10 seconds to download a two-hour movie with a 1 Gig  connection, compared to 10+ minutes on a 20 Mbps cable connection.
  • Download a 9-hour audio book in under 1 second versus 45 seconds with cable.
  • A standard TV show takes 6 seconds to download, compared to 2.5 minutes with cable. Fiber allows you to binge watch shows on streaming platforms and not wait for TV shows to start and buffer.


Importantly, with fiber optic technology you can stream on 15 or more devices all at the same time!  A fiber optic connection supports all your wireless devices at the same time, with more than enough bandwidth.  Gamers will love playing multiplayer games without a lag and buffer with the high-speeds fiber technology provides.


Fiber also offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, which means you can upload information to the internet just as fast as you can download it! It also means you can share faster, instantly uploading videos and large files at the click of a button.


One of the major drawbacks of cable technology is that you share your bandwidth with your neighbors. Your speeds will be slower and not what the cable company is “promising” during prime time hours because everyone will be sharing bandwidth. With fiber from Greenlight, every customer gets their own dedicated bandwidth with a super-fast fiber connection. Our base plan offers 500 Mbps which is more bandwidth than the average household needs today. With the internet becoming more central to our lives and technology improving, fiber is future proof.


Fastest Fiber Fact:

  • The fastest speed ever recorded on a single fiber line is a whopping 43 Tbps — that’s terabits per second! 43 Tbps = 43,000 GBPS

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