How Green Is Your Thumb?

Spring is finally springing all around us! For many of us that means getting your gardens ready or at least thinking about it.  Greenlight Networks wants to know… how green is your thumb?


For the aspiring green thumb gardener, you may be wondering where to start.  First you’ll want to decide what you’d like to grow and choose your location. Online resources like Pinterest provide tips on everything from starting your seeds inside to designing your flower beds.  You may also want to familiarize yourself with some garden jargon – like the difference between annuals and perennials.


If your thumb is in the Greenlight green category, designing tools to take your garden from meh to amazing like Better Homes & Gardens and iScape are worth checking out.  Local garden centers like the Garden Factory and Van Putte Gardens offer curbside pick-up to fulfill your plans. 


For experienced gardeners seeking inspiration for a backyard oasis, groups like the Rochester Garden Exchange is a free exchange of gardening plants, materials, ideas and advice. If you are looking for clubs in your town, the Upstate Gardener’s Journal’s curated list of clubs will connect you with everything from Bonsai enthusiasts in Brighton to the Rose Society in Rochester.


If all else fails, you can binge HGTV and call it a day!


Whether you’ve got the greenest thumb of them all or you are a newbie, Greenlight has you covered. With our amazingly fast speeds you’ll be able to surf the web and find all the answers you need to in seconds! You can even check out our blogs for updated tips in the spring. We know a thing or two about being green! 

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