Gaining Peace of Mind with Total Managed Wi-Fi

Market: Binghamton

Customer: Brad Cooley

Challenge: Ease of Use, Reliability, Network Fluctuations

Solution: Total Managed Wi-Fi


“I needed a Wi-Fi service that was more hands-off and managed itself. The pricing and effectiveness [of fiber] really enticed me to look into Greenlight.” 


Effective and affordable internet can make all the difference, according to Brad Cooley of Binghamton, New York. Cooley learned this firsthand when he made the switch to become a Greenlight Networks’ customer a little over three months ago. Cooley found that – with a busy household, increasing streaming demands, multiple devices, and costly monthly contracts – he was ready for a Wi-Fi solution that better met his needs. And with two retired, elderly family members at home, ease of use would be a must.


Slow downloads and glitching streams can happen when your internet connection isn’t up to the challenge. With Cooley’s former internet product, a Wi-Fi service offered by a national cable provider, Cooley and his family were experiencing just that: unreliable connectivity. There were noticeable dead zones in his home as he moved from room to room – and the connection would suffer from buffering when family members tried streaming videos. Not to mention that whenever he’d jump on a video game with his nephew, a family member who visited often, he’d see a detrimental lag.

The issues with his service began to add up quickly. Many of his family members were struggling with troubleshooting the network as well. If Cooley wasn’t home to assist, his mother and stepdad would find themselves on frustrating and lengthy phone calls with customer service. Tired of the inconsistency, he was ready to give another provider a try.


After exploring the upgrade options with his current provider, he felt they were costly and didn’t bring enough value. He decided to explore a new alternative: Greenlight Networks. Greenlight was offering its brand-new Total Managed Wi-Fi service as a pilot program in Binghamton. Intrigued by the company’s reputation for reliability, regional growth, and affordable pricing, Cooley signed up as an early adopter.


“As far as internet pricing goes, I felt the competitor was way overpriced. Greenlight had everything included. No extra fees at all. I didn’t have to rent a modem or buy cables. The customer service was really great, too,” said Cooley.


Total Managed Wi-Fi from Greenlight is a supported wireless network service that extends Greenlight’s fast fiber internet wirelessly to connected devices throughout a home. This solution is a perfect fit for families that need reliable connectivity throughout their entire home without worrying about reliability or signal degradation.


On the day of the installation, a Greenlight technician came to his home and set up the Total Managed Wi-Fi product to ensure each room received proper signals. The technician explained the process and answered Cooley’s questions thoroughly during the visit. The whole experience was quick and efficient.


As an avid gamer, Cooley saw the difference in connectivity right away. The Wi-Fi speed was consistent, the ping was lower, and the gaming was seamless. His mom could also simultaneously stream her favorite programs on the TV – and despite multiple devices on the network at once, the family saw zero disruptions. Greenlight’s high-speed fiber internet was delivering Cooley’s family higher bandwidth capacity, and the reliability was simply unmatched.


With Total Managed Wi-Fi, Cooley and his family also gained added peace of mind knowing that they no longer had to worry about troubleshooting. Our trained local technicians handle the set-up and take care of the technical details so customers, like Cooley, can focus on enjoying an enhanced internet experience.


“Everyone is having a great experience with the Wi-Fi so far. I’ve already recommended Greenlight to many of my friends who live in the area,” said Cooley.