How to Throw a Hallmark Christmas Movie Party

Apart from tinsel-tinged trees and copious Christmas music resounding in homes and stores, there are perhaps fewer signs that the yuletide season is upon us than seeing ads for Hallmark Christmas movies. And given their popularity, we know that Hallmark Christmas movies are a guilty pleasure you (and many millions of others) look forward to indulging in all year long!


But why soak in the romantic sweetness, exquisite Christmas décor, idyllic locations, and touching life lessons learned through these beloved movies on your own when you can share the warmth with the people you love?


Well, we think throwing a Hallmark Christmas movie viewing party while streaming on Greenlight Networks’ reliable fiber network is one of the best ways to do it!

Where to Find Hallmark Christmas Movies to Stream

Let’s begin with the basics: where to find and stream Hallmark Christmas movies. The most economical (and probably best) way to stream Hallmark content is through Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. A Peacock subscription costs about $6 per month (with ads) or $12 per month for an ad-free subscription.


Peacock also has a “Hallmark Hub” for all manner of Hallmark movies and series, including non-Christmas-oriented content like cozy mysteries and family dramas. Indeed, Peacock’s Hallmark Hub even has a page for Hallmark’s famed “Countdown to Christmas,” which begins in November of each year. Just viewing Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas content calendar on Peacock can help you select an ideal date for your Hallmark Christmas Movie party as well.


Of course, there are other streaming options, too, including using a “Free, Ad-Supported Streaming Television” (FAST) service like Pluto TV and Frndly TV, which include the Hallmark Channel. It’s an excellent way to keep Hallmark Christmas movies streaming practically non-stop—and for free, too! Keep in mind, however, that you will view ads when streaming Hallmark on those FAST apps. 


YouTube TV, which is a live-streaming TV service, also includes the Hallmark Channel in its lineup. It’s a more expensive option at $73 per month, but YouTube TV does have a broad swath of content many viewers value—and it may be a subscription you already have!


Another choice is to stream Hallmark on Philo, which costs $25 per month. But given Peacock’s large swath of Hallmark-related content and helpful organization at a lower cost point, Peacock is probably the perfect choice for die-hard Hallmark movie fans—especially at Christmas.

Decide Where to Gather—and Consider an Outdoor Streaming Session

Now that you’ve decided which service you’ll use for your Hallmark Christmas movie party, it’s time to think about where to gather everyone around your TV to watch the films. Of course, the most obvious answer is your living room or den, where you likely have your best and largest smart TV to showcase the warm and vivid seasonal colors that fill in most Hallmark Christmas movies (and which Greenlight Networks high-speed internet will stream pristinely).


You’ll want to make sure there are plenty of seating options, including spreading out comfortably on the floor. If you don’t have them already, snagging a few floor poofs is a great way to increase seating capacity for your guests.


You may also consider taking your smart TV outside on your patio for a (weather permitting) streaming session under the winter sky. With Greenlight Networks’ powerful fiber network (and a proper Wi-Fi setup) you should have no problems enjoying a Hallmark Christmas movie while cuddling up with friends outdoors.


If you choose this route you’ll need to advise your guests in advance to wear weather-appropriate clothing. You might even want to break out a firepit to add some warmth and atmosphere to your streaming, too. Just be sure to keep some piping hot cocoa flowing—but that goes for indoor viewing, too!

Play a Hallmark Christmas Movie “Scavenger Hunt” Game

Let’s admit it: we all know that Hallmark Christmas movies are just loaded with cliches, tropes, and good old-fashioned sweetness—it’s part of the fun! So another way to add a bit of humor and interactive amusement into your party is to hold a scavenger hunt that lets you in on the experience.


To prepare for the hunt, try creating simple cards containing many squares—almost like a bingo card—with commonly-spotted items or sayings that are ubiquitous in Hallmark Christmas movies. You can also search online for premade Hallmark Christmas movie scavenger hunt cards and lists—and yes, they really do exist!   


Sighting details like bright red dresses, plaid woolen scarves, aprons caked with flour, and of course, handsome, professional gentlemen dressed almost too on-point (and far too concerned with their careers to be open to love) are frequent examples. Add in a sassy mother and some random hijinks (often related to travel snafus or kitchen disasters), and you’ve got a Hallmark Christmas movie scavenger hunt to keep everyone’s hands busy during the watch!

Decorate with Hallmark Christmas Cards of Past and Present

Our last suggestion hearkens back to what Hallmark was originally famous for—its classic greeting cards. And given the reason for a Hallmark Christmas movie party, it’s the perfect time to put some of your all-time favorite Christmas cards out on full display. 


Now, you’ve likely already decorated the house for Christmas, so we won’t give you further suggestions for that. But putting out your best Hallmark Christmas cards—and your guests’ as well—helps share the memories (and tug at everyone’s heartstrings) even before you’ve reached the joyful, snow-laden, hugs-all-around ending of your Hallmark Christmas movie at your viewing party!


We hope our recommendations have piqued your creativity for throwing a unique Christmas party your guests will love. After all, what better way is there to relax and soak in the holiday spirit—and sappiness—than curling up with a Hallmark Christmas Movie with your friends?