Greenlight Networks Continues Expansion

Rochester — Many of you have told us, you’re fed up with your internet service provider.


Whether it’s reliability or customer service issues, News10NBC has heard from hundreds of Frontier and Spectrum customers who’ve had enough and are considering cutting the cord. A Rochester fiber company is hoping to capitalize on that frustration.


Greenlight Networks has been slowly expanding its service in the area. Next week, it will begin projects in the village of Webster, the Park Avenue neighborhood in Rochester and in Canandaigua. The basic connection Greenlight offers to customers for $50 per month is twice as fast as broadband.


These days, most families feel like they can’t live without the internet. “We’re on it constantly, yeah the kids are on it constantly… YouTube, Netflix, games, all day, on the weekends… all the time,” says Cana Enamait, a mother of three from East Rochester.


When it comes to shopping around for the best provider though, choices are limited. “We’ve been with Frontier before, we’ve been with Time Warner before, so something new might be better,” she adds.


The management team at Greenlight Networks is hoping to be that option but expansion in the Rochester area has been purposefully slow. “Historically, providers like us have tried to build out big areas and then turn around and hope that they can sell the service after the fact. For us, we try to determine where the demand is upfront and once we see enough of a density of interest, we go ahead and engineer that area,” says Mark Murphy, the CEO of Greenlight.


Right now, Greenlight services small districts within Irondequoit, Henrietta, West Henrietta, Pittsford, Penfield, East Rochester, the City of Rochester, Brighton, Fairport and Webster. “We’re block-by-block, mile-by-mile, we’re trying to get to as many people as we can. We’d love to go faster, I think the reality is, getting access to utility poles is a difficult and time consuming process. This is a very capital intense business so it does require big sums of money to be able to do this,” Murphy says.


But the company is picking up speed. “Everybody wants us to go faster, we’ve doubled the number of employees we have here year over year, we’ll probably do that again next year,” he adds.


Those interested in bringing Greenlight to their neighborhood must sign up on the company’s website and encourage their neighbors to do so. Typically, it can be several months between when someone signs up and when they get an answer from the company as to whether their neighborhood is a viable option for expansion.


Murphy says some of his customers initially had concerns about “de-bundling” from cable but the nervousness didn’t last long. “We were wondering how much of an issue that was going to be and from what we’ve seen, I think people get past that pretty quickly,” he says.


Most, end up cutting the cable cord because with fiber speeds, the picture quality can actually be better if you’re streaming. Greenlight charges $50 per month for 100 megabits, $75 per month for 500 megabits and $100 per month for a gigabit.


On Wednesday, crews were in East Rochester stringing new fiber in order to add customers, Enamait says she plans on giving them a try.


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