High-speed internet provider has ramped up installations in Buffalo and Cheektowaga, will be in 10,000 homes by year’s end.

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (September 16, 2022) — More and more residents of Buffalo and Cheektowaga are getting a second option for high-speed internet. Greenlight Networks CEO Mark Murphy says that between the two communities, about 5,000 homes are connected to their service.

“We think we’re going to be at about 15,000 by year-end, between Cheektowaga and in the city of Buffalo,” Murphy said.


“I think the team is more visible in the area and I think as people start getting the service and start talking about what a difference it is, from what they may be getting from their current providers,” Murphy said.


Cheektowaga Town Supervisor Diane Benczkowski is excited about the expansion into the town and the opportunity it is for residents.

“The residents have been wanting another option for Internet services for a very long time,” Benczkowski said. “Now with so many people even working from home, they want to be able to have faster speeds and very competitive pricing.”


Murphy said the plan is to connect another 25,000 homes in Buffalo and Cheektowaga in 2023.


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