The next-generation internet service, referred to as gigabit fiber internet, has speeds that are up to 40 times quicker than the average home connection. With an average speed of 1,000 megabits per second (1 Gig), you can attend video conferences in ultra-HD, download high-resolution movies in a matter of minutes, and quickly upgrade the operating system on your smartphone, among other things.

At Greenlight Networks, we’re thinking about the future and the growing demand for bandwidth. Have you ever wondered how much bandwidth the average home requires to connect the things you use every day? Below we highlight the advantages of having Gigabit fiber internet in your home!


1. Streaming Video

Whether you are streaming on Netflix, YouTube, or another platform, these are some of the places you will notice an increase in performance with gigabit speeds. This is particularly true if you are streaming 4K content, which often uses four to five times the bandwidth of 1080p. Because gigabit internet is so fast, you could have 20 people streaming in 4K at the same time while only using half of your available bandwidth.


2. Online Gaming

With Gigabit fiber internet, you won’t have to worry about buffering or lagging that can hinder your online experience, especially as games get more complex. One of the most annoying problems you encounter while playing online is game lag, especially if you’re in a multiplayer or tournament environment. With fiber internet, you can download a 50 GB game with a 1 Gig connection in only a few minutes as opposed to the hours it will take with cable and DSL’s slower rates.


3. Synchronous Speeds

With all our residential plans you get symmetrical speeds. This means that our speeds are the same for the upload as they are for the download. This is becoming especially important as more and more jobs are providing work-at-home options and many schools are providing remote learning opportunities. Synchronous speeds provide the most reliable and robust internet connectivity without latency and delays. Powerful download speeds allow your devices to download files faster, load webpages in milliseconds, and stream music and video seamlessly and without buffering. Additionally, you need fast and stable upload speeds for sending emails, uploading photos or videos to social media, and using live video chat services like Zoom, Skype, and Discord.


4. Multiple Devices

Gigabit internet can support multiple users who are consuming data intensively and require high download and upload speed without any congestion. According to a survey done by Statistica in 2020, the average American today has access to 10 connected devices in the home, says Statistica. While the capabilities of other internet technologies have already been attained, fiber’s potential has barely been scratched. The fiber is prepared to link dozens or hundreds of devices because of the innovative technology that allows it to scale with the data and speed requirements of the future. Additionally, Greenlight Networks does not throttle or cap data based on the time of day or usage in your home. This provides you with the freedom to use your service as you see fit while making sure it is available when you need it.


Check out Greenlight Networks’ fiber-optic plans if you want one of the fastest internet service alternatives for your streaming, downloading, and gaming needs. With enough bandwidth to easily meet all your household’s demands, our ultra-fast fiber Gig service offers speeds that are far quicker than cable. With no taxes, contracts, or hidden fees, you’ll have the freedom to live, work, and play without limits!


For additional assistance in choosing the best plan, check out our video on “How much bandwidth does the average home require?” where we look at three homes and see how they utilize their Greenlight service to its maximum potential.