Greenlight internet services are expanding in our area.

Gates, N.Y. – Greenlight internet services are expanding in our area. It’s big news for some people in Gates, who have been waiting for the high-speed fiber-optic service, even since Tom Golisano bought the company.


Gates town leaders say the wait is over. Residents of Gates can now place their orders, and the internet could soon be coming to their neighborhoods.


One of those neighborhoods is Timpat Drive – and that has folks there excited.


Jean Bernola – has been waiting for Greenlight


“How often do we turn our computer on to do something, and get that little spinning, ‘Wait,’ icon? Well, that’s going to go away,” said Jean Bernola of Gates. She says the slow internet speed she has now can be frustrating.


“If I’m having a conversation with my daughter, I do it through Facebook. Now, every so often it’ll pause, hesitate, and freeze,” she said.


But as Greenlight expands its fiber-optic network into Gates, Bernola is told slow internet speeds will be a thing of the past.


Mark Murphy, president of Greenlight Networks, says with Tom Golisano acquiring the high-speed internet provider, and with more capital available, the company is able to hire more people – which means faster installations.


“We have a plan in place that’s going to allow us to double our installation capacity over the next six months,” said Murphy.


The company will also be using a new way to install the fiber optic, called microtrenching.


“What that’s going to allow us to do is to be in the right of way and build much more quickly than we would if we had to be in peoples’ backyards, hanging wires on utility poles,” he said.


Greenlight will start work in Gates next week.


Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini added, “61 percent of this country does not have what the Town of Gates has right now, and we have three providers – quality services at competitive prices.”


Bernola, like many people, is ready. “I don’t even know what the price is going to be, but I’m going to do it, regardless,” she said.


The company plans to expand to other towns. It is taking orders for service. Learn more.


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