Greenlight Networks is taking the leap across the Genesee River in a big way, lighting up large swaths of Gates with its high-speed fiber optic internet service in the coming months.

Since its founding in 2011, Greenlight Networks has been moving across the Rochester area a few neighborhoods at a time, as resident interest and funds allowed. But since a company owned by billionaire and philanthropist Tom Golisano acquired the company earlier this year, Greenlight’s installation speeds and overall business scale have gone into overdrive.

“We’re going to be able to go to multiple towns simultaneously,” said Greenlight CEO Mark Murphy, noting that the new approach won’t hinder the work already being done in east side municipalities. “It just allows us to do more at once and execute more quickly on those places where we are.”

The goal is to be installing fiber optic at double the current pace by January 2019, he said. With investments from Golisano and also Impact Capital — a local venture capital fund — Greenlight will be able to double its staff size and revolutionize its installation methods to cover more ground at a faster clip.