Upload Speeds vs Download Speeds

When looking for a new internet service provider, speed may be the main factor you take into consideration. Companies like Greenlight advertise speeds of 500 Mbps x 500 Mbps.  The first number (traditionally, the download speed) is what you mainly see advertised. What also needs to be considered is the second number, which is the upload speed.


Download speed is how quickly you can access things on the internet. The faster your download speed, the faster you can browse social media, stream your favorite Spotify playlist or watch Netflix.


Upload speed is how quickly you can put things on the internet. Faster upload speeds let you share that pic you took on Instagram, post a YouTube video or share a song you might have recorded. 


Synchronous Speeds vs Asynchronous Speeds

Another factor to look at is whether you have synchronous or asynchronous speeds. Synchronous internet speeds mean your download speed is the same as the speed of your upload.


Fiber-optic networks like Greenlight can provide synchronous Internet connections, while shared networks like DSL, Wi-Fi, or cable modems can only provide asynchronous Internet connections. Greenlight upgraded all its customers to synchronous speeds (i.e. 500 Mbps x 500 Mpbs) at no additional charge to help people work, learn and live virtually during the pandemic, and has kept it the same ever since! 


Synchronous Internet connections provide dedicated and guaranteed upload and download speeds. On the other hand, because asynchronous connections are over a shared network, both upload and download speeds will be affected by other users on your network and what they are doing.


If you are a student, teacher, telecommuter, musician, gamer or graphic designer, upload speed matters. That’s because these people often upload PDFs, large graphic files, and videos to the internet so that they can share them with clients, coworkers, teachers, and students.


For example, here’s how long it would take to post a one GB file on YouTube using different speeds:


Estimated time to upload a one GB video to YouTube

Upload speed     File size Time to upload

10 Mbps              1 GB      15 minutes

100 Mbps            1 GB      1 minute 30 seconds

300 Mbps            1 GB      30 seconds


The Need for Speed

 Now that you know more about speeds, let’s relate it back to your everyday life. No matter what you’re doing online, your download and upload speeds matter. If your sliding by with the lowest speeds, your online experience will suffer and you will constantly feel frustrated. If you’re living with a family that has multiple users online at once, your speeds will be EVEN WORSE. Take that into consideration when looking at your online activities compared to the speeds your home currently has.


Upload speeds needed for graphic final


Greenlight Networks is Rochester’s Fastest Fiber-Optic Internet Provider, giving you the bandwidth and speeds needed to stay connected.  The download and upload speeds help create a stress-free and buffer-free experience. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are upgrading upload speeds for orders in Serviceable Greenlight Districts at no additional charge. Your upload speed will match your download speed (500/500, 750/750, 1000/1000, 2000/2000.) Place your order today to ensure your internet can handle the needs of your family. 

updated speeds graphic