National Work from Home Day is celebrated on June 30th of each year. Many people who work from home understand how essential high-quality Internet is for working effectively. With the steady increase in people working from home, today is the perfect time to share tips and tricks for a productive experience while outside the office.


4 Tips for Working at Home Efficiently: 

Stay connected. Ensure you are keeping up to date with your responsibilities by staying in contact with your co-workers on the Internet via messaging or video chat. 


Maintain a regular schedule. If you were working in the office, you most likely had a daily routine you followed. Form your own schedule while working from home and stick to it so it becomes a routine. Routines help you stay focused and influence higher productivity throughout the day.


Dedicate a workspace. Dedicating a space for work is beneficial in terms of making your home feel like a place you can be productive, but also a place for relaxation. A single workspace will accomplish the feeling of efficiency, while not changing the atmosphere of the rest of your home. When the workday is done, put the laptop away, leave your home office, and consider muting your messages.


Communicate expectations with household members. Trying to complete tasks while other people are in the house may be difficult, so set boundaries with your family/roommates regarding noise level, workspace, and your daily schedule. Communicating these expectations in advance will decrease the risk of conflict and distractions. 


Importance of Fast and Reliable Internet:  

One of the most important aspects of working from home involves the ability to stay connected with coworkers through zoom meetings, emails, instant messaging, etc. Completing assignments and communicating on these platforms can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the necessary bandwidth. Fiber Internet brings many benefits to the table when it comes to working from home. The speed is much faster and provides more reliability and no lag or buffering! When you’re on an important zoom meeting you won’t have to worry about freezing mid-sentence or your call dropping because of slow speeds. More bandwidth is one of the biggest advantages of fiber Internet, as it can connect to multiple devices in the home at the same time without slowing down the network connection for another user. With Greenlight Networks, you’ll also get synchronous download and upload speeds which makes it easier when it comes to streaming video or uploading large files. 


When making the switch to Greenlight Networks you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’ll have amazingly fast and reliable speed streaming into every connected device in your home. If you work from home, having NY’s fastest fiber Internet will add less stress to your workday. Enjoy happiness at the speed of Greenlight and have the freedom to work, play and live without limits.