How Has Fiber Service Changed the Local Community?

Greenlight Network’s fiber Internet has brought freedom to our Rochester, NY community – freedom from phone and cable providers, freedom to work, play and live without data limits. We’ve seen a revolution as our community has embraced speeds up to 100 times faster than they had before. One customer wrote us saying, “Sometimes I work from home because I want to spend time with you (Greenlight) since your network is faster than my job’s.” More and more connected devices are transforming homes and requiring more bandwidth than ever before. Customers are desperate for an alternative to cable and demand for higher-speed Internet far outpaces supply.

Access to fiber infrastructure was one of the reasons that in May, Rochester, NY topped’s list of the hottest markets in America for the first time, according to a recent story by the real estate listing service. Real estate developers also tell us that buyers and renters are factoring fiber availability in their searches. In MDUs, fiber Internet moves units and results in higher rental rates.


Fiber-to-the-home is transforming how people work, play, and live and no one wants to be left behind.


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