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Our network is built and service is available in your Greenlight District! Place your order to get installed and go faster with Greenlight!

Our construction team is building our fiber-optic network in your neighborhood. This includes aerial construction (attaching fiber to the utility poles in your neighborhood) and underground construction (installing conduit and fiber-optic cable along an underground path in the town right of way using a surface launched drilling rig.) Learn more about how a fiber-optic network is built. Be sure to place your order to be installed while our construction team is in the neighborhood.

We have announced our construction schedule for 2023 and your district is on the list! We are accepting pre-orders for your district. Our team is working to obtain easements and permits required for construction as well as preparing the utility poles in your neighborhood for our fiber. We do not have an exact date of when construction will begin, but we will email updates to you as progress continues in your district.

Our engineering team is designing the network, acquiring access from the utility pole owners, preparing space on the utility poles for our fiber, and obtaining required easements from homeowners.

We are currently evaluating the network design and engineering specifications, construction costs and conditions, as well as permits and easement requirements for your district.

We are currently tracking interest in your neighborhood. Where we build and when is based on many factors including customer demand, cost, and complexity of building the district, and the number of easements and permits required.

Road to Fiber:

When deciding where to build next, our team looks at several factors such as demand, cost, complexity of build, the number of easements and permits required, among other factors.

This process involves evaluating a district and constructing a plan for laying the fiber as well as beginning to identify where easements may be required. This is also the time that our team will begin the utility pole application process, which can take up to 365 days. Our team is locating and evaluating necessary poles and getting required permissions to access these poles to properly construct our infrastructure.

Our team is locating and evaluating necessary poles and getting required permissions to access these poles to properly construct our infrastructure.

After the network design is complete, the district is ready to be added to our construction schedule. During this time, we will be reaching out to residents to place pre-orders for service.

Our team will now be obtaining all the final permits necessary to build. Once that is complete, we will partner with local contractors to begin building our network in your district. Construction can be completed aerially or underground or in a combination, depending on the utilities currently in your neighborhood.

Once construction is complete, customers will be notified to schedule their in-home installation! Once this is complete, customers are ready to stream, game, surf and more using NY’s fastest fiber optic Internet network!

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Want to increase awareness of fast, affordable, fiber internet in your neighborhood? We have created a variety of tools and resources for you to help educate your community on Greenlight Networks.