Chili Fire Department will serve as Network Hub, Providing 6,000 Additional Households Access to Gigabit Fiber Network

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (Dec 12, 2022) – Greenlight Networks (“Greenlight”), the leading fiber-to-the-home provider in New York State, announced today in a regional press conference—held at the Chili Fire Department on Union Street—that the company is further expanding its sought-after fiber network into the Town of Chili, New York. Greenlight Networks CEO Mark Murphy confirmed that the company has plans to bring multigigabit, fiber-Internet services to more than 6,000 additional homes in Chili by year-end 2023. While Greenlight construction is well underway in several neighborhoods within North Chili, the company is partnering with the Chili Fire Department to house its network equipment and will invest more than $6 million in continued infrastructure development to expand access to residents.


“When we founded Greenlight in 2011, we set our sights on expanding our high-speed fiber Internet services to communities throughout the state, including here in our hometown of Rochester. Today, I’m thrilled to see that we are acting on that promise and increasing access to the community of Chili,” said Mark Murphy, President and CEO of Greenlight. “Town officials, including David Dunning the Town Supervisor, have played such an integral role in making this a reality for local residents and we’re grateful to the Chili Fire Department for its support and partnership. Together, we’re ensuring that households, more importantly families, have access to more affordable and reliable Internet services.”


Greenlight’s network is currently available to nearly 2,000 households in the town of Chili and the company expects to complete infrastructure construction for the neighborhoods of Bright Oaks and Shetland this month, which will add an additional 1,000 households to its network. By year-end 2023, Greenlight will deliver gigabit fiber Internet service to another 3,000 households throughout the town, including the neighborhoods surrounding Battle Green, Brentwood, Hilltop and Mapleton. Residents in these areas are already able to place pre-orders.

“We’re pleased to see that Greenlight has recognized our town and our residents’ needs for high-speed Internet service. The demand has grown, especially as Greenlight’s reputation has increased here in Rochester. Its fiber Internet is well-known for being consistently fast, more reliable, affordable and bandwidth-friendly than any other service currently available. We knew that bringing access to our community would have such a positive impact on residents and potential homebuyers,” said David Dunning, Chili Town Supervisor


Greenlight will be hosting a community event later today from 3 pm to 6 pm to help introduce local residents to its service offerings and answer any questions about the fiber advantage.


“Beyond the connectivity capabilities, Greenlight is choosing to invest in our town and this is a major infrastructure development that will infuse our region with jobs and economic growth. I can also see if really helping to move the needle with Rochester’s competitive home market, as more homebuyers consider taking residence here in Chili,” adds Dunning


In order to move forward with the network expansion, Greenlight has partnered with the Chili Fire Department to host its network equipment in fire station #2 in exchange for complimentary high-speed fiber broadband service at all four of Chili’s Fire Department stations as the network is built out in Chili, including its newly constructed building on Chili Ave.


“As we mentioned earlier today, our department is glad to play a role in bringing Greenlight’s high-speed fiber Internet to the town of Chili. Greenlight’s reputation speaks for itself and the company’s decision to expand here means that our community will now have a more reliable Internet option at our disposal. I know that kind of reliability connectivity will definitely be put to good use here at our department,” said Jim May, Chili’s Fire Chief

About Greenlight Networks
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