It is no secret that Greenlight Networks is continuously growing day by day. We started in 2011, in Rochester NY, and were only available in one apartment complex. Fast forward to today, and we are expanding faster than ever. Below is a map of our Rochester market. All the neighborhoods with Green are serviceable areas. Blue, orange, and yellow are all neighborhoods that will be serviceable in the future and this is only regarding our Rochester market! We are also growing in our Binghamton, Buffalo, and Albany markets simultaneously. 


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Currently, we are serviceable to at least 100,000 homes and we expect to increase that number by 30,000 before the end of 2022. However, as important as it is to us to continue to reach more neighborhoods, it is equally as important to us to continue to supply the same quality of service to all customers. We strive to provide the best service possible even as we are expanding in four different markets. Our efforts have shown, our latest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +84.5 during our latest survey that was completed in October. Our NPS is a near 10% increase from our previous score of +77.4 in 2020, which was already an industry record high.  


What is an NPS score?  

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It is a way to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction with a brand. A definitive metric of customer satisfaction is found with one simple question – how likely is a customer to recommend us to friends and family? Through this question, you can find how many of your customers are loyal, how many can be swayed to go with other competitors, and how many are just not satisfied. 0 is not at all likely and 10 is extremely likely.  


How is an NPS calculated?  

Every customer is grouped into one of three categories. They are either a Promoter, a Passive, or a Detractor. What category each customer falls into is based on what their numerical answer was to the question.  

0-6 are going to be detractors. These are the customers who feel this brand is just not cutting it for them. They are not satisfied and would not recommend the brand in question to those around them.  


7-8 are going to be passives. These customers are satisfied for the moment, but if a better offer/competitor comes around they could be swayed to leave.  


9-10 are going to be promoters. These customers are not only satisfied with the brand but enthusiastic about it and are willing to promote growth for this company. They are your loyal customers.  


Okay so now that you have the categories down, let’s go over where the final score derives from. In the end, all an NPS score is, is the percentage of detractors subtracted from the percentage of promoters. So, let’s say out of 100 people a company has 60 promoters, 20 passives, and 20 detractors. Passives are people who can be swayed either way, so you leave them out of the equation. That means the calculation of the score will look like this: 60 (percentage of promoters) – 20 (percentage of detractors) = 40. This brand would have an NPS of 40.  Below is Greenlight’s percentages: 

What is a good NPS Score?  

NPS scores range from –100 to 100. The higher a brand scores, the better. Anything over 0 can be said to be “good” because that means a company has more promoters than detractors. However, a “good” score is subjective to industry, as different industries are seeing different averages in scores. The industry average for telecommunications / Internet Service Providers currently stands at 30. So, when companies in this industry compare their scores, anything below 30 can show that some work needs to be done. Whereas the hotel industry has an average NPS of 5. Meaning if that questionable motel down the street from you has an NPS score over 5, they are actually beating the average for that industry!  


What does Greenlight’s NPS mean and how did we achieve it?  

Listen, we are not the type to brag… so we are letting our customers do it for us! An NPS of 84.5 is an industry record high. And who had it before us? Oh yeah, we did! Greenlight Networks had an NPS of 77.4 in 2021. Not only does this score show that we have more satisfied and loyal customers than not. It shows that we strive to provide excellent service even as we continue to grow exponentially. It also demonstrates that we are one of the top companies in our industry. Just look at the numbers! Our industry has an average of 30 which makes our score of 84.5 that much more impressive.  


Here is the thing though, this score could not exist without having the best customers AND the best customers deserve the best and most reliable high-speed fiber Internet.

Here are a few items Greenlight is focused on to maintain our high NPS:
  1. Reliability. As we continue to grow, it is imperative that we keep the same high speeds and greater bandwidth available to all. Even though it can be tempting for some to cut corners, Greenlight Networks has refused to do so. Every new neighborhood can be sure that they are receiving the same high-quality internet service as the neighborhood before them and the neighborhood after them.
  2. Consistency. Greenlight has had the “same price for all” since our inception in 2011. We also have not hiked our prices up since then. We started at $50 a month ten years ago, and our customers still pay $50 a month now, with synchronous speeds included. Despite continually growing and having such high demand, we pride ourselves on being affordable for all. That means no hidden fees, taxes, or contracts.  
  3. Loyalty. Just as our customers are loyal to us, we are loyal to them. We are not just focused on expanding our customer base, we are focused on evolving our current customers’ experience. Of course, we want to continue to grow, but we are also constantly searching for ways to better the Greenlight customer experience. We just recently partnered with MyBundle.TV for those who need help with cutting the cord with cable.  

 These are just three factors that play into our NPS score. Three factors that we are devoted to doing our best in. That and having the fastest Internet speeds in New York State of course. It is a win-win for everyone. Don’t take it from us, take it from our customers!  


P.S. Our NPS score may be high, but our prices are not. 😉 Make the switch to Greenlight today!