Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, much faster! Our network will deliver Internet speeds of up to 2 Gigabits per second. That’s more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today. Our standard service is up to 500 Megabits per second for downloads and up to 50 Megabits per second for uploads—that’s over 25 times faster than what most Americans have access to today!

Yes, we charge a one time fee of $100. This can be split up into 4 different payments or paid in full. This fee covers etc etc

Greenlight's fiber network involves significant design, planning and construction work to lay hundreds of miles of new fiber-optic cable. Where we build and when is based on a number of factors including customer demand, cost and complexity of building the district, the number of easements and permits required, among other factors.

As of 11/26/18, Greenlight Networks no longer requires prospective customers to put down a $10.00 deposit when placing their order or pre-order for service. If you have paid a $10.00 deposit, it will automatically be applied to your first month’s bill once you have been fully installed. If you have paid a $10.00 deposit and cancelled your order or pre-order, you will be refunded your $10.00 deposit.n

We have several Greenlight Districts that currently have service and several Greenlight Districts where we are planning upcoming construction. Click here to find out what status your Greenlight District is in.

Greenlight district is a grouping of houses, apartments and businesses selected by the Greenlight Networks team with shared or adjacent geographical and infrastructural boundaries, neighborhood association boundaries and utility pole pathways among other things. Greenlight districts represent our approach to organizing and managing the expansion and construction of network infrastructure essential for connecting homes to our fiber-optic internet.

The best way is to get your neighbors to sign-up for our service. Check out our Community Advocate Tool Kit for ways to bring Greenlight to your neighborhood faster. You can also send an email to our sales team at to request additional tools like door hangers to pass along or if you'd like us to participate in neighborhood events.

  • Since there are so many free email alternatives available, we do not provide email accounts.  Gmail,, Yahoo!, and others provide great service for free, and you do not get tied to your ISP.
  • For step by step video instructions on switching to a free email provider, click here to watch.

We suggest you contact them no sooner than the day after your in-home installation. This will help you to make sure your services are not disconnected with them before your service with us starts. Make sure you transfer your email address book if you have your email through that provider.

For residential service, contracts are not required.

Greenlight Networks was founded in 2011. Initially, we provided ultra high-speed Internet service to apartments. In June 2012, we received approvals from the New York State Public Service Commission that allowed us to extend our fiber-optic network directly to homes and businesses.

This depends on whether your address is in an area that is already serviceable or accepting orders. If your address is in a serviceable district, once we have received your order we will send your information to our construction team. They will run a line of fiber directly to your house in preparation for your service. This can take 2-4 weeks. Once we hear from them that your home is "fiber ready" we will email you to schedule your installation.  If your address is in a district we are accepting orders from, we are waiting for that district to reach its order goal before adding it to our construction schedule and building the network. How long that takes depends on how quickly people that have signed up for service complete their order for service. Once you have placed your order, you will receive a follow up email, letting you know the status of your district and order.

Generally, 30-90 minutes, depending on where we're installing the ONT.  Most of our work is done outside of your house, and you don’t need to be home for that.  Once our construction team connects our fiber to the side of your home (similar to cable or phone), we'll contact you to select an appointment time that's convenient for you.  That's right--your own appointment time, no more, we'll be there between 8AM and 5PM!  Just tell us where you want our connection to go, and our technicians will get in and out as quickly as possible.

Articles are being published about the benefits of having one of the newer routers and we here at Greenlight Networks think it best to upgrade, otherwise you may not get the speed you're paying for! There are other benefits to purchasing a newer router as well, such as security upgrades, and range upgrades! Please check out this Wall Street Journal article for more information about why it is important to upgrade and our list of Recommended Routers.

We pre authorize $0.01 so that we know they are valid and working cards/accounts.

We do all of our billing through autopay which requires a card/ACH account to keep the cost down for our customers. You are not charged until you are installed with service and you can change your card/ACH at anytime once you are installed.